Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Did you miss me?

I thought the anniversary of my initial post would be a good time to return from my self-imposed hiatus.  I don't expect I will be tasting 365 new beers in 2012 but I expect I will try a few.  I read recently that scientists have identified a "novelty-seeking" gene.  I am willing to bet I am blessed with such.

The plan, much as it was a year ago, is to catch up on the back-log from my less formal Excel spread-sheet, though I'm not facing quite the job I was this time last year.  I have been spending more time with old favourites and I have been consuming a larger portion of my beers outside the house than last year.  Given that I limit my consumption but not my purchases this is leading to some difficulties. 

An unusually warm March means I shouldn't be storing beer in the garage but on the other hand, the fact that I have shoe-horned more bottles into my beer fridge than might be wise may have had something to do with the pool of water I encountered in the kitchen last week.  It turns out that ice had blocked the water drain and an unplanned defrosting was in order.  Things seem to be working well now but so long as the LCBO continues to have seasonal beer features of short duration with limited quantities I will be buying one of most anything new I find.

I will soon be starting my attempt to see how many of the 1001 beers listed in the book I had mentioned last time out I can manage.  I have achieved a number and I have spotted even more but I am afraid to ask what they might cost.